Let's Go Green, Together!

Here at All-Build lately, there has been a lot of talk about going green. After all, business doesn't have to be just business. We would like to see All-Build Construction be more than just a business. We want to be a business that gives back to our planet and to our community. That is why we would like to start doing renovations designed to increase energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint. It is our goal to work in larger, multi-unit buildings, which beyond the great benefits for the climate, also presents great benefits to the owners and tenants. Here is just a few. 

For landlords, green buildings put you ahead of the competition. They set you apart from the rest of the market. Each unit becomes more valuable and commands higher rent prices.

Green homes typically rent at a much faster rate as a whole new crowd will be drawn to the property.  

Operating costs will lower dramatically, further adding to your bottom line. 

There are tax breaks and incentives offered to energy efficient owners. 

Nearly all those who invested in energy saving renovations see a return on that investment in less than ten years. 

So, why not reduce negative environmental impact and save money at the same time?

Ideas for a Green Home Remodel

You've been thinking about remodeling your home. Consider an eco-friendly and health friendly remodel with green renovations. Take a look at our list of green home remodeling ideas.

  • Reclaimed wood flooring, it's renewable, versatile and durable. Plus no new trees must be chopped down to create the floor. 
  • Use low or no VOCs paints or adhesives.
  • Terrazzo countertops, it's made from chips of recycled glass and cast into a concrete slap. It's durable, easy to clean and available in many different color schemes. 
  • Replace your old appliances to Energy Star. These will help to save money in one herm.
  • Use less water with installing flow reducers and low flow model toilets.
  • Place windows and skylights is places to utilize natural sunlight.

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Looking for some creative ideas for renovating your bathroom? Check out All Build Construction’s Houzz bathroom idea book and our custom tile Turtle inlay bathroom. We’ve created a collection of bathroom designs including open bath, custom rain showers, creative vanities, and different color schemes. Your design options are endless!

Converting Your Carport Into A Garage


In Hawaii it’s not uncommon to own a home with a carport in place of a garage. It can be very beneficial to convert your carport into a garage.

A well-designed garage can serve many functions. A garage creates more storage for your belongings that you don’t have space for inside your home. Privacy can be a huge benefit of an enclosed garage. You are able store items, close the door and still allow your home to look presentable and not cluttered to the neighborhood.

A garage doesn’t have to be a storage space for just your car and lawn mower. Shelving and hooks can be placed around a workbench created for all your tools and equipment. Some chose to use part of the garage for entertainment like a pool table or ping-pong table.

When it’s time to decide on the garage door, pick a design that matches the rest of your home. There are a variety of types and designs available.

We had a client who converted their carport into a 6-car garage. See the photo album below.