A Modern Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel

Our latest project was a kitchen and bathroom remodel. The home was originally built in 1955, so a complete renovation with new pipes, flooring, appliances, cabinets etc was required. Our client envisioned a modern and sleek bathroom and kitchen. We helped make that vision a reality.  Our client created this video below of their remodeled kitchen and bathroom. 

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Looking for some creative ideas for renovating your bathroom? Check out All Build Construction’s Houzz bathroom idea book and our custom tile Turtle inlay bathroom. We’ve created a collection of bathroom designs including open bath, custom rain showers, creative vanities, and different color schemes. Your design options are endless!

Consider Incorporating a Half Bath into your Home Design

Image credit:  DenyneDesigns

Image credit: DenyneDesigns

Whether you are remodeling or building a new home, you must think about considering a half bath in your home. First, think about who will use the half bath before you even determine where you will place it in your home. Originally half baths were created for your guests so they didn't have to wander into the private areas of your home. Today they are still used for the same function.

When deciding where to incorporate your half bath you must keep in mind two requirements - one, is it convenient to the social spaces of the home (living, dinning, kitchen, and family areas), and two, is it private enough (in a hallway, under stair case, off any entry way). It can be awkward and sometimes embarrassing to exist or enter a half bath that opens into a room where people gather (kitchen, living, family, and dinning areas). FInding space in the desired location can be a challenge. However, sine the room is not usually used for an extended period of time or a variety of tasks, the area requirements can be minimal.

Pedestal or wall-hung sinks require only a small area and are great for a half bath, helping to create a more spacious feel. Storage is not as necessary in a half bath as in a full bath, so you may only need room for hand soap, some spare rolls of toilet paper and maybe some aspirin or Band-Aids. A wall cabinet or shelves is a great place to store these items.

Depending on the area of the house that you place your half bath, a skylight is a great option for natural light and it brightens up the smaller area! You will have a better opportunity for more finish options and custom details when choosing a half bath because the are is small and the humidity and moisture levels are less.