Ideas for a Green Home Remodel

You've been thinking about remodeling your home. Consider an eco-friendly and health friendly remodel with green renovations. Take a look at our list of green home remodeling ideas.

  • Reclaimed wood flooring, it's renewable, versatile and durable. Plus no new trees must be chopped down to create the floor. 
  • Use low or no VOCs paints or adhesives.
  • Terrazzo countertops, it's made from chips of recycled glass and cast into a concrete slap. It's durable, easy to clean and available in many different color schemes. 
  • Replace your old appliances to Energy Star. These will help to save money in one herm.
  • Use less water with installing flow reducers and low flow model toilets.
  • Place windows and skylights is places to utilize natural sunlight.