A Modern Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel

Our latest project was a kitchen and bathroom remodel. The home was originally built in 1955, so a complete renovation with new pipes, flooring, appliances, cabinets etc was required. Our client envisioned a modern and sleek bathroom and kitchen. We helped make that vision a reality.  Our client created this video below of their remodeled kitchen and bathroom. 

A Colorful & Modern Kitchen Backsplash

Image Credit:  HGTV

Image Credit: HGTV

Image Credit:  Lowe's

Image Credit: Lowe's

Upgrade your kitchen and add some color to with a colorful tile backsplash. There’s a wide range of colors to choose from to fit every design your looking for. These photos show modern color schemes and designs. Tile backsplash adds a colorful customized accent to your kitchen and it can be a just the simple remodel you need!