Let's Go Green, Together!

Here at All-Build lately, there has been a lot of talk about going green. After all, business doesn't have to be just business. We would like to see All-Build Construction be more than just a business. We want to be a business that gives back to our planet and to our community. That is why we would like to start doing renovations designed to increase energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint. It is our goal to work in larger, multi-unit buildings, which beyond the great benefits for the climate, also presents great benefits to the owners and tenants. Here is just a few. 

For landlords, green buildings put you ahead of the competition. They set you apart from the rest of the market. Each unit becomes more valuable and commands higher rent prices.

Green homes typically rent at a much faster rate as a whole new crowd will be drawn to the property.  

Operating costs will lower dramatically, further adding to your bottom line. 

There are tax breaks and incentives offered to energy efficient owners. 

Nearly all those who invested in energy saving renovations see a return on that investment in less than ten years. 

So, why not reduce negative environmental impact and save money at the same time?

Multi-tasking Bathroom?

Image Credit UULDesign.com

With every year, more like every minute, we use technology to find ways to be more efficient and also integrate fun and pleasure into everyday tasks. Believe it or not this now even applies to your own bathroom! Home renovations are making leaps and bounds in fun gadgets for every room of the house. What we never would have even thought to ask for will soon be something we can't remember ever living without.  Kohler, for instance, has just expanded it's popular Moxie shower head line to include shower heads that come equipped with Bluetooth capabilities so you never have to worry about getting your device while trying to listen to your favorite songs in the bathtub. Broan Nu-Tone is now also offering Bluetooth capabilities with it's new bathroom vents. Medicine cabinets are making the crossover from strictly storage to a media hub with the additions of not just Bluetooth, but also televisions, safes, and charging stations. Don't have a medicine cabinet? That's okay, most of the features can be applied to a simple wall mirror. With all of these new and amazing features I imagine people will be fighting over the bathroom even more now!

The New Family Kitchen

Image Credit HGTV.com

The new hottest craze in remodeling is the "family" kitchen, which is great if you have little ones like me. These new kitchens feature adequate seating, storage, and light. With the usage of formal dining rooms falling by the minute, kitchen islands are replacing the old standard of table and chairs. Not only does the exile of dining rooms provide us with the more interactive experience of being able to sit around the kitchen while Mom (or in my case, Dad :) ) cooks the family dinner but it also opens so much extra space up for the wide open kitchen you've always wanted. With more space comes so many more options! Contractors everywhere are utilizing this extra space to make room for larger refrigerators (who doesn't need that?!), larger pantry, more drawers and cabinets, and sometimes even an extra oven or dishwasher. More windows or even a sliding door or two give parents a great view of kids playing outside or arriving guests. So if you've been thinking about knocking that dining room door down lately then give us a call!

Remodel or sell?

Remodel or sell? If you have recently been asking yourself this question then I am pleased to tell you that you are not alone! Many people are now choosing to remodel their existing homes rather than take on the expense of buying a new one. As home costs skyrocket, Honolulu has topped the list for remodeling costs recouped upon resale at a whopping 110.8%, according to Realtor magazine. Honolulu, along with San Francisco, is outperforming the national average by more than 60%! So if you have been considering a remodel now is the time!