Remodel or sell?

Remodel or sell? If you have recently been asking yourself this question then I am pleased to tell you that you are not alone! Many people are now choosing to remodel their existing homes rather than take on the expense of buying a new one. As home costs skyrocket, Honolulu has topped the list for remodeling costs recouped upon resale at a whopping 110.8%, according to Realtor magazine. Honolulu, along with San Francisco, is outperforming the national average by more than 60%! So if you have been considering a remodel now is the time!

Upgrading Your Outdoor Living To Luxury

Investing more into a home improvement project will be more rewarding in the long run. The extra investment will in return bring value, beauty and livability. Upgrade your outdoor living keeping in mind these five focal points.

  • An outdoor kitchen is a great improvement to increase your outdoor living space. This space will include your grill and sometimes a pizza oven. Usually a wet bar or sink and counter is supported by your outdoor kitchen. The focal point of your deck may be your outdoor kitchen.
  • A water feature or hot tub can be an additive feature. They were created for relaxation and luxury.  A variety of different sizes and style are available for hot tubs and water features. Research for the best suited for your style and space.
  • A built-in fire pit can be designed for gas or wood burning. The fire pit would become part of your deck/outdoor living design. The appearance of the fire pit can be custom with a built-in version verse a portable or stand alone fire pit.
  • If you have the space to layer your outdoor living, it adds a visual appeal. With multiple levels you can create a cooking area, seating area and an area for your hot tub. An additional deck upwards can be created for ocean or water views.
  • Upgrade your current deck railings to a more durable and luxury material. Railings can be made out of wood, metal or glass. Upgrade to cable railings for versatility and durability.