Top 10 Kitchen Remodeling Dont's

Image Credit:  Fine Home Building

Image Credit: Fine Home Building

Here's our top 10 kitchen remodeling Don’ts:

  1. Don’t settle for cheap drawer slides. They can be very flimsy and noisy.
  2. Don’t choose tile for countertops unless you are willing to often scrub the grout clean.
  3. Don’t create a small unusable counter space next to the sink, cook top, or refrigerator. You want a large enough space that can be used properly.
  4. Don’t buy a cheap dishwasher. Most likely, it will clean poorly and loudly.
  5. Don’t install a backsplash thats made from materials that are hard to clean.
  6. Don’t buy cheap cabinets. 
  7. Don’t use lights that are too hot under cabinet lights, like halogen.
  8. Don’t install a  sink that will flex, dent, and scratch easily, like a light-gauge stainless steel sink.
  9. Don’t go light on lighting. You don't want a unsafe or dim kitchen.
  10. Don't install a floor that requires a lot of upkeep.