Top 10 Kitchen Remodeling Dont's

Image Credit:  Fine Home Building

Image Credit: Fine Home Building

Here's our top 10 kitchen remodeling Don’ts:

  1. Don’t settle for cheap drawer slides. They can be very flimsy and noisy.
  2. Don’t choose tile for countertops unless you are willing to often scrub the grout clean.
  3. Don’t create a small unusable counter space next to the sink, cook top, or refrigerator. You want a large enough space that can be used properly.
  4. Don’t buy a cheap dishwasher. Most likely, it will clean poorly and loudly.
  5. Don’t install a backsplash thats made from materials that are hard to clean.
  6. Don’t buy cheap cabinets. 
  7. Don’t use lights that are too hot under cabinet lights, like halogen.
  8. Don’t install a  sink that will flex, dent, and scratch easily, like a light-gauge stainless steel sink.
  9. Don’t go light on lighting. You don't want a unsafe or dim kitchen.
  10. Don't install a floor that requires a lot of upkeep. 

How to Choose the Perfect Dishwasher for your Home?

Image credit:  Maytag

Image credit: Maytag

Dishwashers have made it so easy to clean your dishes. The new innovations in dishwashers have made them quitter, easier to load, and more energy and water efficient. So, how do you choose the perfect dishwasher for your home? Take into consideration the following tips:

  • How much space do you have? Dishwashers come in a variety of different sizes, full size and compact models. Be sure to choose the proper size depending on the size of your kitchen space. Keep in mind the dishwasher will need to be connected to a water line. 
  • Research. Shopping for appliances requires researching what will fit within your budget, style, household, and user satisfaction. I would suggest start shopping online or visit your local appliance store to gain knowledge about the specifics before you purchase. 
  • More amenity options mean higher cost. The more options available for different washing, rinsing, and soaking cycles, generally the higher the price. It's more complex than your basic model. Also, think about water and electricity consumption. Higher price does not always mean the best product.
  • Other types of dishwashers. Instead of your traditional full size dishwasher, there are also drawer type dishwashers. This allows for washes to be done in a smaller load and in a drawer setting. Drawer dishwasher may be seen in a high end home with usually a full size dishwasher as well. Portable dishwashers are also available on the market. 
Image credit:  Fisher&Paykel

Image credit: Fisher&Paykel

Overall do your homework to work with in your budget and inform yourself on what types of dishwashers are on the market. Don't forget to use these tips to help choose the best dishwasher for your home!

Tips on Purchasing a New Refrigerator

It's time to purchase a new refrigerator, whether the reason is because your remodeling and would like to upgrade or your current one stopped working. Take into consideration these tips on what to look for when purchasing a refrigerator today.


Tip 1: To ensure it's energy efficient look for an Energy Star model.

Tip 2: Look for the yellow EnergyGuide label. This label can be used to determine the model's energy use and you can create an annual estimate of operating costs.  Comparing the energy use to similar models will help determine which model is best for your needs. 

Tip 3: Top-mounted freezers use 10-25% less energy than bottom-mounted or side-by-side models.

Tip 4: Choose the right size refrigerator for your space. Generally, the larger the appliance, the greater the energy consumption. 

Tip 5: Besides being a higher cost, automatic ice-makers and through-the-door ice dispensers can increase energy use by 14-20%.

Image credit: GE Appliances

Image credit: GE Appliances