Cost vs. Value

A frequent mistake made by homeowners is improperly balancing cost versus value. This typically leaves the contractor with one of two issues; a low cost product that won't last or a high end product with little value. 

Too often, people look at the cost of an item without truly incorporating its value. A higher price tag does not necessarily make for better product. However, a low cost item of little value will only cost more in the long run. 

Just like with all products, there is a good, better, and best. It is important for each homeowner to decide for themselves which areas they are unwilling to cut costs on and which areas they are willing to spend more on but you don't always have to cut quality to cut costs. This is where an informed contractor can become your lifeline. Here at All Build, we take great pride in giving our clients the best quality possible on any budget!

Simplicity Wins Again

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This year's International Builders' Show featured over 1,200 exhibitors and thousands of product presentations. Attendees were surveyed to determine which products appealed to them most. The results of this survey showed that the majority of the attendees preferred convenience and simplicity over the multitude of new ultra high tech home additions. Here are the three things that received the highest overall ratings. 

The first item, taking home the Best Home Technology award, was the ever useful ceiling fan. The particular ceiling fan chosen was a Haiku ceiling fan from Big Ass Fans that featured SenseME technology. These fans save energy by automatically adjusting the fan speed according to the temperature of the room and the humidity level. They also are equipped with sensors that allow the fan to automatically turn on and off when a person entered or exits the room. 

The second item, taking home the Best Indoor Living Product & Overall Best In Show awards, were SnapRay's Guidelights. These energy efficient night lights are sleek enough to be built directly into a standard outlet cover plate.  An ambient light sensor allows these nifty little lights to turn on and off automatically. The Guidelights are day to install and perfect for bathrooms, hallways, or kids' rooms. 

The third and final item, taking home the award for Best Kitchen Product, was the Benchmark Wall Oven from Bosch. This impeccably designed oven has side opening door, three racks, and an EcoChef setting. 

After reading the consensus of these consumers, what do you feel is the most useful product in your home?

Retro Is The New Black-How To Get The Shabby Chic Look For Your Home!

Retro is the new black! Everywhere you look from magazines to Pinterest it seems that everyone is attempting to get that vintage look. Luckily, that means that it's easier than ever before to go vintage on your own! Here is just a few ways. 

The first thing I would get, is a new door! There are so many fantastic retro style doors being produced now! Most of these doors are marked by bright colors with the look of reclaimed wood without the price of actual antique wood. 

Next, now that you have your gorgeous new door you need equally gorgeous door knobs. Door knobs are not only one of the least expensive ways to spruce up your house but also one of the cutest! Check out rustic bar latches in bronze or iron. If you want something a little flashier, try looking for knobs with jewels or ornaments; they're everywhere!

Another great way to pull of a flawless classic look is to update your floors! Just like the reclaimed wood look of the doors you can now find antique style wood floors! You can also combine multiple species of wood to create a authentic look. 


Home Too Small But Don't Want To Move? Transform Your Home Today!

Here at All-Build, we hear from a lot of homeowners who are unhappy with their homes but they love the neighborhood or for various reasons they just aren't ready to get attached to a new home.  With this trend rising in nearly every demographic, contractors everywhere are learning new creative and innovative ways to transform these homes.

First the contractor must determine, what are the most important goals that the homeowners have in mind? Are they interested in more living space? An extra or larger bedroom? Not enough bathroom to go around? Once goals have been outlined, the contractor must determine how much extra space they have to work with and what the best and most efficient way to reach these goals might be. 

One of the best ways to maximize space to create a more open floor plan. A dine-in kitchen with an island seating area can leave you extra space in the living area or can even provide enough space to insert an additional bathroom. For more on space saving kitchens, check out our May blog post The New Family Kitchen:

When existing space is inadequate the contractor must then assess the possibility of building an addition onto the home. An addition can be anything from a bedroom or bathroom to a 6 car garage, depending on the desires of the homeowner. A well balanced addition can truly transform a home into a brand new space.

When budget becomes an issue, a good contractor knows exactly where to cut spending and what areas cannot be cut. If you are looking to make the most of a smaller budget, there are a few tricks and areas of work that are easier to apply cuts and savings to. A couple of the safest cuts are to purchase stock windows, cabinets, and doors. Another budget hack is painting drywall white to create the illusion of larger rooms without having to alter the structure. Also, it is often possible to find basic hardwood and tile floors that can be integrated to match existing floors so that a total overhaul is not necessary. Porcelain tile is also a great way to save a few dollars as opposed to the pricier slate options. 

Call All-Build today to begin the transformation of your home!

Going Green at Home

Image Credit by All-Build Construction LLC

Image Credit by All-Build Construction LLC

There are a million different reasons to green in 2015. Whether you are interested in saving the planet or just joining the trend, any reason is a great reason to go green! We've all heard about wind and solar power but now there are a multitude of smaller projects you can start with that will certainly push your home in a greener direction. 

One of the greatest living costs we incur nowadays is electricity so going green can also benefit our wallets. If you live somewhere where the weather doesn't allow you to live without the air conditioner then this one is for you. Try installing friction-fit windows for better insulation. These windows can also help reduce outside noise. 

Another way to go green without a total overhaul of your home is to simply replace your appliances. You can now purchase refrigerators, washers and dryers, microwaves, stoves, and more that are all energy efficient. Some of these appliances can reduce energy usage as much as 20%.