Retro Is The New Black-How To Get The Shabby Chic Look For Your Home!

Retro is the new black! Everywhere you look from magazines to Pinterest it seems that everyone is attempting to get that vintage look. Luckily, that means that it's easier than ever before to go vintage on your own! Here is just a few ways. 

The first thing I would get, is a new door! There are so many fantastic retro style doors being produced now! Most of these doors are marked by bright colors with the look of reclaimed wood without the price of actual antique wood. 

Next, now that you have your gorgeous new door you need equally gorgeous door knobs. Door knobs are not only one of the least expensive ways to spruce up your house but also one of the cutest! Check out rustic bar latches in bronze or iron. If you want something a little flashier, try looking for knobs with jewels or ornaments; they're everywhere!

Another great way to pull of a flawless classic look is to update your floors! Just like the reclaimed wood look of the doors you can now find antique style wood floors! You can also combine multiple species of wood to create a authentic look.