Simplicity Wins Again

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This year's International Builders' Show featured over 1,200 exhibitors and thousands of product presentations. Attendees were surveyed to determine which products appealed to them most. The results of this survey showed that the majority of the attendees preferred convenience and simplicity over the multitude of new ultra high tech home additions. Here are the three things that received the highest overall ratings. 

The first item, taking home the Best Home Technology award, was the ever useful ceiling fan. The particular ceiling fan chosen was a Haiku ceiling fan from Big Ass Fans that featured SenseME technology. These fans save energy by automatically adjusting the fan speed according to the temperature of the room and the humidity level. They also are equipped with sensors that allow the fan to automatically turn on and off when a person entered or exits the room. 

The second item, taking home the Best Indoor Living Product & Overall Best In Show awards, were SnapRay's Guidelights. These energy efficient night lights are sleek enough to be built directly into a standard outlet cover plate.  An ambient light sensor allows these nifty little lights to turn on and off automatically. The Guidelights are day to install and perfect for bathrooms, hallways, or kids' rooms. 

The third and final item, taking home the award for Best Kitchen Product, was the Benchmark Wall Oven from Bosch. This impeccably designed oven has side opening door, three racks, and an EcoChef setting. 

After reading the consensus of these consumers, what do you feel is the most useful product in your home?