6 Kitchen Ideas on a Budget

Image credit:  Formica

Image credit: Formica

We have comprised a list of six budget friendly ideas to brighten up your kitchen.

  1. Makeover your kitchen with paint. The walls, cabinets, and floors can all be painted to change the look and feeling of your kitchen.
  2. Reface kitchen cabinet doors. The cabinets can be painted or you can resurface them to give texture or replace with glass.
  3. Update countertops. A low-cost alternative is laminate. Wilsonart and Formica brand laminate can give the same look of granite or marble at a lower cost. It’s available in a wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns. Ceramic tile is another affordable option for countertops, with a range of colors and finishes available. 
  4. Replacing cabinet hardware. A simple change in handles can give it a new look. Some knobs and handles can be very pricy keep in mind your budget.
  5. Replacing cabinets with open shelving. If you like the open look, you can remove your cabinet doors and create an open shelving look.
  6. Refresh the flooring. Replacing your floor all together is one alternative. However, if you have wood floors consider painting or resurfacing. Vinyl tile is another flooring alternative

Designing to Budget

A budget is always present when determining a new project. Everyone’s budgets are different but most of the time clients will exceed their budget. More than likely the client will get one thing they want but won’t get something else, due to budget constraints. When it comes to remodeling there is always a compromise. 


It’s important for the general contractor to establish a detailed budget with the client so that there are no surprises along the way or at the end. Remodeling is based on a partnership with the client and partners needs to be able to communicate and get along. As a client if there is any concern, talk to you general contractor. The last thing you want is to be unhappy with the outcome.

There can be discrepancies when it comes to budget vs design. As a client, listen to your contractor, they know the amount of money necessary to achieve your remodel visions and were the best places are to make sacrifices. Your contractor may propose doing the project in phases if it doesn’t work right now. Also ask your contractor if they know more cost-effective materials to help reduce the cost. Remember when designing to a budget there are always alternatives.