Who Knew There Was So Many Solar Options?


Most of us, when we think of solar, we typically only picture the big solar panels we see lining the roofs in our neighborhoods. We are all for solar technology but what if you aren't ready to make the leap to panelling your home just yet? I, personally, was incredibly surprised to learn that solar technology actually spans far wider than just roofs and wrist watches. Here are a few of my best finds!

Solar Attic Fans: Attic fans are time-honored tools for cooling homes and commercial buildings throughout Hawaii. These attic fans efficiently release hot air out of the structure. Taking the solar route can not only reduced your air-conditioning consumption but it can also reduce the number of PV panels needed.

Solar Air Conditioning: With solar air conditioning, even Hawaii residents can afford to run the air all day long! These systems utilize the solar energy from the sun throughout the day and are able to keep up throughout the night as well. Plus, no approval needed from HECO!

Solar Water Heaters: Hawaii Home Mag says, "A truly energy-efficient home or business starts with solar water heating." They go on to add that this can bring 30-40% off most family's electricity bills. HawaiiEnergy.com states that installing a water heater can save you at least $600 annually. 

Information Credit : Hawaii Home + Remodeling