Tips For Hawaii Homeowners

"Bigger is not always better, especially when you live in paradise." Linda, Kailua, HI homeowner via Hawaii Home Remodeling.

Hideaway storage. When dealing with smaller spaces, one of the greatest drawbacks can be a lack of storage space. However, there are plenty of creative storage options that make this a problem of the past. Built in shelves, nooks, cabinets, and cubbies can easily be nestled into any space. Another easy to hide option is drawers which are now being placed under stairs, beds, and even being built into walls. 

Get creative with design. For smaller homes, focus on embellishments such as light fixtures, doorknobs, molding, etc. 

Appearances can be deceiving. Large sliding glass doors and windows can make any small space appear much larger. 

Utilize natural air flow. Keep cool year round with higher ceilings and louvres. Some homeowners find themselves no longer needing A/C or ceilings vans if they are able to natural harness the trade winds through open air spaces.