Maximize Your Small Home or Space

Image Credit:  ArchaHouse

Image Credit: ArchaHouse

In a small space, every detail is important. Find the right fits for your space, and your lifestyle. Below are recommendations on maximizing your small space.

Lighting – Finding the perfect lighting for a small space can be tricky. Too little of light will make the place even smaller, where too much light will make the place one big bright box. Look for different fixtures that fit your style and space.

Appliances – Multiple functionality or smaller circumference appliances will deceive the eye into making the space look larger.  Consider a stackable washer/dryer, skinny and thin dishwasher or refrigerator, and a microwave hood and electric range convection oven.

Backyard – When it comes to landscaping a small backyard you must think of the quality you want more than quality. There will be a lot going on due to the space restraints but base it off of your lifestyle. Also it’s important to choose the perfect plants for your area.

Furnishings – In a small space every piece of furniture matters. Look for pieces that can expand for additional surface space when needed but will tuck away when not being used. There are dining tables that have fold down sides or leafs that can be removed, nesting end or cocktail tables, and sometimes you may find a table where stools can be stored underneath.