'Must Have' Design Elements for Your Kitchen or Bath

There is always at least one element that must be included in the design of your kitchen or bath. Decide on an element that would be your wow factor! Check out the list of must haves for your kitchen or bath.


Image Credit:  Homedit.com

Image Credit: Homedit.com

  • Pull out trash receptacle or Double pull out trash receptacle with one for recycling
  • Drawers large enough for easy accessibility to your pots and pans 
  • Backsplash 
  • Storage capability which often results in custom built cabinets/drawers
  • A refrigerator drawer installed in the island for convenience
  • Lighting


  • Hamper drawer
  • Shower niche
  • Heated floors
  • Large drawer(s) for towels

Creating a Focal Point for your Kitchen

Image source:  Better Homes and Gardens

It's time to redesign your Kitchen. Where do you start? First off, details are extremely important to receive your desired outcome. Every where from the style or mood desired to the finishing touches of color, material, appliances, and a focal point of the kitchen. The focal point should be determined during your design process. However, this can change somewhat as the projects moves forward. 

Focal points can serve a variety of different functions in the space. Some focal points draw attention and others add that "special" touch. Areas that are most commonly emphasized are cooking centers, often creating a custom ventilation hood or an intricate backsplash pattern. However, other areas of the kitchen are looked at as well. Sometimes an island with a contrasting finish, a uniqued colored appliance or a countertop made of a special material. Even a piece of art located or a window design to showcase a breathtaking view can be a focal point. 

Image Credit:  Better Homes and Garden