Upgrading Your Home with Bamboo Floors

It's time to tear out that old linoleum floor and upgrade with beautiful hardwood! Hardwood floors are so easy to clean and take care of. Plus it comes in a wide variety of different wood, so it can fit in any budget. 

Image credit:  Home Depot

Image credit: Home Depot

Bamboo flooring is a popular type that is fairly inexpensive but will still look and feel the way you want. Homeowners enjoy Bamboo because of the durability and it's eco-friendly. It can also add a unique look and adapt to any decorating style. Bamboo flooring can be dyed into a variety of colors or it can come in natural, finished or unfinished. 

When it come to maintenance, Bamboo floors can be fairly easy to maintain. A simple vacuum or sweep regularly will help remove the small debris. Occasionally you can mop or clean it with a hardwood or bamboo floor cleaner. However, it's important to clean up after every spill so the liquid doesn't damage, stain or warp the flooring. 

There are many other types of hardwood floors available. Take a look at these others, Mahogany, Chestnut, Oak, and Maple hardwood.