Modernizing Your Bathroom with A Glass Shower

Any ordinary bathroom can be transformed into a spa retreat with a glass shower. Glass shower designs can visually enlarge and lighten a bathroom. It can be a full glass enclosure or just a glass door. Inside the shower can have amazing tile work and top of the line fixtures.

The most affordable glass shower is creating a walk in shower stall with a glass door. Now your glass door can come framed or frameless. A framed glass door is composed of glass panels joined together by metal. These are usually the less expensive way than a frameless glass door.  For a seamless look, frameless glass showers are the way to go. They are a lot more expensive then your framed door but you have no metal showing. These doors are also a lot heavier. A downside to both is that framed doors have more possibility of mold appearing near the frame and frameless doors can allow water to escape through the small gap around the door.

If you have space in your bathroom, a shower with several walls being glass may be an option for you. There are even designs created where there are no doors and the person just walks through an opening to the shower. These types of shower are more expensive due to the amount of glass being used. Glass shower walls can be transparent, semitransparent or etched for an additional cost.

Glass blocks are another option of using glass but it creates more privacy. These blocks come in several different colors and sizes. They can also be mixed and matched to create your custom design. Glass blocks are more durable than solid glass but depending on the amount used, they can be more expensive then a solid glass panel.