Hydro-Stop is the Perfect Product for Waterproofing

Hydro-Stop is a well used product in Commercial Construction. This product is one of the best used for roofing and waterproofing projects. We recently used Hydro-Stop at one of our job sites. Our project was to waterproof concrete pads on an existing roof with a coating and fabric, Hydro-Stop was our choice!  

Hydro-Stop offers a variety of different products:

  • PremiumCost System - Leak-Proof Roof System
  • BarrierGuard - Leak-Proof Wall System
  • FlexCoat - Premium Grade Elastomeric Wall Coating
  • Kymax - Highly Durable Colorfast Premium Roof Finish Coat
  • StableRust Primer - Acrylic Direct to Metal Anti-corrosion Primer, to Stabilize & Protect Metal Surfaces
  • SureBond Primer - Acrylic Primer to Prepare Masonry & Chalky Surfaces
  • TrafficCoat - Slip-Resistant Deck & Walkway