Coloring Your Walls

Image credit:  Lowe's

Image credit: Lowe's

Deciding on a color to paint your walls can be difficult. Take into consideration the room, the feeling you want, decor, and size of the room when choosing. Certain color schemes can make the room appear smaller or larger and each color scheme triggers different emotions. 

Bathrooms are mostly painted white or with some pale versions of pink, yellow or blue. The brighter the color may make the room appear smaller or gloomy depending on how much natural light it receives. Bedrooms are where your creativity in color can really come out. You can mix a match colors to create your dream room. Living rooms are usually painted with neutral colors, white, brown, tan schemes. These colors can go with any style and decor. In a Kitchen you can play around with different colors but it all depends on you cabinet color and flooring style. 

Below is a description of each color.

Blue is known for tranquility, trust and smart. Green is known for balance, natural and eco-friendly. Purple is known for luxury, creative, and royal. Pink is known for caring and love. Orange is know for happiness, health and attraction. Yellow is known for fresh, energy and warmth. Red is know for passion, energy and love. Brown is known for friendly and earthy. White is known for fresh, clean and purity. Black is known for rich, power and mystery. 

What color(s) will you decide on?