How to Shop for the Right Toilet

Image Credit:  The Home Depot

Image Credit: The Home Depot

Your either remodeling your bathroom or need to just upgrade your toilet. How do you know which toilet to purchase? We've have comprised some tips on deciding what toilet is the best to purchase. 

Tip #1 Do not shop by the brand alone. Just because you hear one brand maybe be the best, it isn't necessarily true. The brand will have different models and one model may be a better fit for your needs than another. 

Tip #2 Choose the right height. Toilets are available in different heights. There's comfort height toilets which are 17 to 19" in heights are taller than your regular height toilets. Regular height are usually 2 to 4 inches shorter.

Tip #3 One piece or two pieces? One piece toilets are were the tank and the bowl are molded together. A two piece toilet is where the tank sits on top of the bowl. Once piece toilets are easier to clean and have a sleek look to them.

Tip #4 Prefernce in the bowl shape. The bowl shape is available as a round front, elongated, or compact elongated.