Flawless Floors

Image Credit by TrendsFloor.com

Image Credit by TrendsFloor.com

Choosing what kind of floor you want seems like it would be easy, right? Sure it does, at least until you start looking into your options. When faced with multitude of floor types, finishes, and colors it can all start to be a bit intimidating. There are so many great looking ones to choose from but which one is best for your needs?

Do you want carpet but you are afraid it will get ruined too quickly? If yes, consider choosing a carpet that is stain resistant. Many carpets lines now have permanent spill-resistant shields that  make cleaning them a walk in the park. Nanoparticles hold fibers together and move with the carpet to prevent spills from ever being able to settle. These particles also allow dirt to release more easily so you never have to spend your day off cleaning the carpet again!

Do you want to your house to look like it was taken straight out of a Pinterest photo? Try tile! Many manufacturers make tile that you can use not only for your floor but for your countertops, backslashes, and even walls. You can create your very own Pinterest worthy home. 

Next, we have wood floors. I personally love wood floors, but sometimes they have a tendency to all look the same, I must not have been the only person feeling that way because a lot of major brands are now offering new finishes. These new finishes bring a new aspect to the table  by giving you some room to be creative. I love the new, more raw finishes that give any house a tropical, exotic hardwood look. 

If you have been thinking about redoing your floors feel free to check out our photo gallery to view some of our work then give us a call!