Let's create a backyard born for lounging!

If you live in Hawaii then I have no doubt that you are well aware just how hot our sunny days can be.  Homeowners on our beautiful island are rarely lucky enough to find a property that comes complete with a covered deck or sun room. So if you want to spend the afternoon on your porch but you don't want to blister in the hot sun, what can you do? Well, it turns out that are many very simple shade structures that can be built quickly and don't cost an arm and a leg. I personally love to sink into a lounger and enjoy a book or even a nap but that's only possible when you can find some shade! These efficient shade structures have brought ease to outdoor relaxation. When designing such a shade structure, you must first decide how much shade you desire. Would you like to block out the sun as much as possible or place the beams further apart to let in more light? When spacing the beams too far apart you may run the risk of damage if there is heavy snowfall, luckily that's one thing we never have to worry about here!  Beyond just practical issues, you as the homeowner also get to decide what you want your new deck to look like! You can choose the stain of wood and embellish it anyway you choose. There is no need to hide from your backyard anymore! Call us today to talk about opportunities for your porch!